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     Assessment and Streaming

Level A



To determine the best Stage in which to get you started.
FIve stages will prepare you for active participation in Level C which is our Community OutPost, offering three branches of chess opportunities !

  Level B



 Chess instruction for beginners and more experienced players

Stage 1   PAWN

ages 13 and up, younger pending assessment.   Advancement is to:


Stage 2   KNIGHT

assessment based on age and current knowledge.  Graduates of NIPSA and SKITTLES start here.        Advancement is to:


Stage 3    BISHOP

Strategic Tactics and is advanced into only from Stage 2.  

Advancement is to:


Stage 4    Rook

Rule exceptions.  Advancement is to:


Stage  5   SHAMAT !

Assessment based on experience and knowledge of Opening and Endgame strategies.

Members here will understand that learning and teaching are 2 sides to the same coin and will become Mentors and Assessors themselves.
Advancement is to

Level C

  Level C

Community OutPost


Three Branches to Enhance our Community and Our Character

 Ministry Branch

Mission is to visit members of the greater community to play chess and spend time with others who maybe interested but have few opportunities to participate in formal gaming.  May include trips to the downtown core, Malls, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, detention centers.

Tournament Branch

This branch will be offered for the more serious chess players who wish to learn how to use chess clocks and work at a higher competitive level.    Tournaments will be created or sought out, and may involve some travel.   It is our mission to introduce chess to schools via ministry thus creating opportunities for formal gaming for children.

Skittles Branch

The Skittles Room will be where OutPost members can engage in informal, low pressure, fun games. 

Variant games will be taught and explored here as our main focus.  There is more to chess than meets the eye and this is the place to discover it !

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