Chess Ministry &Competitive Chess 4 Youth


Club  Philosophy

That life is like a game of chess in which we must be good decision makers;  

thinkers, who diligently examine out options and who may sometimes rely on luck or assistance in forming our outcomes...

but that rarely do we come to our circumstances on our own.  

  It's an accumlation of varying factors that contribute to our successes and failures.


Since we are all children of God we regard ourselves as Learners who continue to seek and to receive the knowledge, experiences, and  insights  that others may offer.  As well as mentors to those who seek our insights and skill. 

   That everyone has something to learn regardless of social or economic status.  We are indebted to Him and will aspire to ensure that all brothers and sisters will be treated with respect, good sportsmanship and encouragement.  

We harbor the secure knowledge that we have more to learn from loosing, than winning , and will always win gracefully and loose with dignity.

We will honor God and one another before we honor the win.



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