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    Learners Clinics for Young, *new-to-chess Children


We have our popular All Girls clincs


 kNights In Shining Pink Armour

and our boys clinic

Boys Skittles Chess of Hamilton

We believe that boys and girls learn from different angles and that boys possess greater initial competitivenss and confidence when learning chess.  Girls often benefit from learning with other girls to begin with but later, once confident easily adjust to playing outside of their original comfort zones.

 These gender specific clinics allow children to learn in less competitive, lower stress environments.

These learners clinics are available to children ages 5/6 to 11/12 , are low pressure, low competition, small groups.  The basic lessons of chess are learned over 5 lessons.  They are suitable for children with NO previous chess experience,instruction or  exposure but only a desire learn to play !





Studies show Chess to   

Enhance : 



 Analytical Skills,

Abstract Reasoning,


Cause and Effect Decisiveness,

Concentration, &

Problem Solving


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