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          What Is Chess ?            What is OutPosts?

Chess is a game highly regarded for it's ability to assist in the cognitive development of youngsters. 

The areas most benefitting from chess play are 



 *awareness/analysis, and

*pattern recognition. 

Chess has long been credited with enriching children's ability to better understand complexities associated with mathematical and scientific reasoning. 

It is not a game for smart people,

 it is a game that bridges that gap and brings people closer to understanding the balance between

intelligence, decision making and luck. 


















  OutPosts provides a learner's forum in

 which to improve, learn and mentor.

  OutPosts will provide levels of

opportunity to develop ones self as a

player and as a member of a society that

 dismisses the boundaries

that separate people.

OutPost's members are mindful of the

 potential that others possess.

The game is a an accumulation of small


In Chess, as in Life,

our choices can affect our future.   


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